Tech in Coaching

Our team is looking beyond the obvious, well- established ways of using technology such as SKYPE and WebEx in coaching sessions.

We are currently researching ways to use tech apps, sociometric and biometric devices, artificial intelligence, and data from People Analytics tools such as continuous feedback in coaching. Our focus is using technology as a tool in coaching and using data that tech allows us to collect and analyze to support coaching. We are also looking further ahead to digital coaching as a replacement for or complement to coaching as we know it today.

Our three-part series of articles on tech in coaching covers:
Part 1: Digital delegation using apps and devices that complement 1:1 coaching
Part 2: People Analytics and HR Tech: how can these enrich coaching?
Part 3: Is the future of coaching digital? (to be posted July 2017)

Carol’s blog posts on tech in coaching are available via the Institute of Coaching Professional Association:
Tech in Coaching: Time for an Upgrade? Part 1
Tech in Coaching: Time for an Upgrade? Part 2
Tech in Coaching: Time for an Upgrade? Part 3