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On Getting Ahead

Don't be put off by the article's title – or afraid to read it on a plane with others looking over your shoulder.

Beeson, J., "Why You Didn't Get Promoted: De-Coding the Unwritten Rules of Corporate Advancement." Harvard Business Review, June 2009

Networking: Much more than Working the Room

Most of our clients work in messy, complex global companies. A healthy internal network across borders and work groups is key to getting things done. Here's a useful study— with hard numbers—of how much of a difference networking can make.

The Ties that Bind: Driving Financial Return through Networks

A Refreshing Look at what Teams are Capable of

If you can access this program from UK Channel 4 on Demand, it's a powerful story of how individuals brought their distinct areas of expertise together in a stunning show. The making of War Horse…as powerful as the play.

How did you cope with Eyjafjallajõkull?

Reflections from global leaders interviewed by Carol