Here's a selection of pieces on working in more brain-friendly ways and staying at your best. (This is also an unscientific test of your attention span; some links/sites require you to register (free) to access the material).

Decision Fatigue: the interplay among your decision making, willpower and sugar levels

Decision Fatigue: the short, sharp list of what to try differently:

Leading your organization through major change?

Work with, not against, the brains of those whose habits and thinking you hope to change. (registration (free) required)

Getting the best from yourself, and from your team

Tips from Edward Hallowell, author of Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People (Harvard Business Review Press, 2011).

Known for your persistent multi-tasking?

Drop everything and concentrate only on this piece:

The Biology of Being Frazzled (registration (free) required)
By Amy F. T. Arnsten in Science